Medaile a věšáky na zakázku.   

 Welcome to our website specialized in the custom production of medals and medal hangers using modern technologies.

      We use the latest co2 and fiber laser machines, which enable precise and fast production from HDF boards and wooden plywood. Our medals are made from quality materials and can be designed to your liking. We enable the production of medals with various surface treatments, such as matte or glossy design or color treatment. Medal hangers are a practical accessory for every collector who wants to present his medals in his collection. We also make them from quality materials and can be designed according to your wishes.

      Our company focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. We are happy to help with the design and production of your medals and hangers. Contact us through our website or by phone so we can provide you with more information and offer you the best solution for your needs.

      Do you have a sports club, association, interest association, do you organize sports and other events and do you need to make original souvenirs in the form of medals, hangers or trophies? Then write to us and we will certainly be able to offer you an interesting solution in good quality, original appearance and at an acceptable cost. Together we will find the right way for a great result.

What do I have to think about?

- choose which item we will produce

- rethink focus and appearance

- prepare texts and images that I would like to use

- to think about what material and colors I want to have on my product

- the number of pieces I need for my event

Once we have discussed this, all that remains is to choose a date when it is necessary to have everything ready.